Life at Hivetech

More than half the time we spend working on a project is spent thinking about the problem because there exists no tool to do it for us. Naturally, followed by writing short, coherent and symmetrical code leading us to a given goal.

Passionate developers

HiveTech is an independent, full service digital agency which was founded as a result of a group of people who share the same vision coming together.

We wish to provide our clients the best quality products - because of this, our team is a comprised of individuals with different knowledge of popular technologies, as well as cybersecurity and networking skills. Alongside full-stack developers, we also have network engineers with experience from ISP IP core and security fields.


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What we support

  1. Hive Academy

    New employees and students go through a process of education that is transferred by people with many years of experience. They receive information and upgrade skills and knowledge. All employees have the support to develop knowledge because the growth of the company is a prerequisite for the growth of each individual.

  2. Team players

    The process of innovation is important. Good ideas and new technologies are just part of the challenge. Teamwork gives us important insights into the development of business systems that lead us from good ideas to real improvements in business.

  3. News

    We like to create new technological solutions and create successful digital experiences, and then share our newly learned knowledge. On our blog you can read about various applications of technology, but also find solutions to problems you encounter in software development.

  4. Healthy activities

    With a lot of work, we have time for exercise and health. We support a healthy lifestyle, so we offer every employee a Multisport card that allows access to numerous sports facilities across the country.

  5. Odin

    We are developing an internal platform for digitalization and business automation that increases awareness of the state of the business environment in which resides a competitive advantage and productivity, and strengthens internal capacity and reduces business costs.

  6. Certification

    We develop talents within the organization and encourage the sharing of knowledge among employees and the development of a culture of innovation. We provide our employees with mentoring, numerous educational programs and the acquisition of certificates from various fields of profession.

  7. Education

    We understand the importance of knowledge and education and as such, we offer our employees many courses to continue improving with the help of colleagues and mentors.

  8. Talks

    We talk about technologies every day, we share information about what we need to do to develop digital solutions both in terms of developing new functionalities and expanding into new areas such as artificial intelligence.

  9. Employee of the year

    We reward employees throughout the year for their work, effort, innovation and good business results. We appreciate good ideas and dedication. We strive for the best therefore and reward everyone who is like that with various bonuses and motivating stimuli.


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