We turn your tech ideas into a reality

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, we make it happen



Name HiveTech represents diligence, hard work and persistence. The name comes from the hive, which represents the industry, virtues value and ideal that bees jointly build the perfect structure. Just like bees, HiveTech acts and works as a community focused on value creation.

Impossible - possible

The impossible is a challenge for us that we easily turn into possible. We approach each client individually and strive for a long-term partnership based on trust and top quality service. Our top team of programmers, development engineers and designers develops complex software systems and offers various types of cooperation and services - consulting, outsourcing and project partnerships. We strive for practical knowledge and programming skills in the most popular technologies, certificates and experience in creating a visual identity and complex business software solutions.


Passionate & Proactive

We approach each project and work task creatively and innovatively. We learn new technologies to find a solution to every business challenge. We work with innovative companies globally to create a more stimulating and agile work environment. We believe that different opinions lead to better service and thoughtful business decisions. Relentlessly focused on the success of our customers, and the digitalization of business has made our daily lives easier. We love new challenges that we approach proactively, thoughtfully, share new knowledge, listen to intuition and save you time.


What do we define as our goals? Our values?

Our mission

To be a reliable partner that applies the highest business standards and ensures high quality of service by building complete business solutions through partnerships with domestic and foreign companies, based on top services and technologies.

Our vision

To be a leading company for the development and implementation of software solutions in the regional and international market, providing expert consulting knowledge and technical support to adapt to the digital environment.


What do we care about?

  1. Quality

    What we do, we do best.

  2. Diversity

    A different view and experience are our advantage.

  3. Innovation

    We learn every day and strive to constantly offer innovative solutions.

  4. Passion

    Our glass is always half full. We believe in the power of technology that enables progress.

  5. Community

    We develop the business in a way that makes us proud. We collectively build solutions and a dream company.

  6. Equality

    What we do, we do best.

Do you like our culture? Come and join us!